How To Be Happy

Some people are happy with less property but some are unhappy with lots of property. Well, then what are the reason behind happiness? Actually everybody in the world want to be happy, healthy and free of stress in their life. But because of several reason they can’t be happy. If you want to be more happy then you are right place. You have to fallow the below steps to be happiest life in present and future.

Have a sleep:

slipping has the great benefit in life. They not only keeps healthy but also happy. If early to bed and early to rise, your stress will be out and makes you healthy. A healthy person can think good to be wealthy and wise. So how much should we sleep for healthy? For children is most be more than 10 hr but adult must slip around 8hr daily. The midnight sleep gives you relax and removes all the intoxicated toxins. Before going to bad be sure you mind relax. It is ok to read book and news paper before going to bed but don’t do things like homework or other stressful that make you stress full.

Have healthy foods:

Your health directly concern with the food you have. Your stomach is the source of energy as well as disease. So for healthy food insist for green leafy vegetables and more fruits rather than rise and junk foods. Make a habit of eating nuts, apples papaya, graphs which contain more source of water rather than chocolate.

Drink water:

Our body have sufficient amount of water, it covers nearly 77% water of our body, so we most clean at least 5 liter water dally. Because it helps to clear our skin. If you don’t like the test of water then you can add the flavored. But you must drink.


Exercise makes vital role for our health. We have to exercise to make our body flexibility as well as avoid toxin of our body. Exercise with positive feeling can combat any disease. So at least ½ hr exercise must be done for being healthy.

Have a friends:

To be healthy and stress free, you must have friends to whom you can share and participate filling to your true friend. So for that you must have friends, with whom you can visit together, had spent some time and fun.

Always smile and sometime laugh:

Your body, experience and your behavior are responsible for your stress free life, which enhance effect on your health. To be happy and healthy you always smile. If someone make a jocks over you, then don’t be sad, just add another jock to him, smile. Don’t hide anything with you, try to expose and be stress less. Smile and make others also smile.


Try to enjoy on which you are interested, like if you love singing then sing while you are free, if you love listening music, just listen, if you love playing just play. Do not do the thing that makes you stress. Try always to be active and celebrate all hobbies with happily

Spent time with family:

Take some times for family too. Co-operate the task with mom and dad, help them in kitchen, room, or farm. It shares love each other and make happy all of the member of family, which makes you happy as well.

Get a rid of friends who talk backwards:

Sometimes, friends talk one thing in front of you but when away from you, they just make you guilty. If you find that from third person, that makes you really stress full, unhappy. Some friend create rumours and bring you down. It is also the reason which makes you stress and unhappy all day. So try to avoid these types of friends, just be separate yourself if you have or find some friend really talkative and bring you down with others, ignore them, don’t associate with them. This is also the key thing to avoid the stress and be happy.

Make a habit:

In life, making popular, rich or handsome friends is not main thing, but makes a habit of choosing true friends among them. You can do anything but with relax and happily. If you have some problem and you realize that then, just sit with relax, take deep breath, do meditation, anulomb bilomb, and be stress less. Just do as your hubby, sit near the window and watch sky, moon, stars, meditate.

Do not expect from life:

Do not expect any thing in life because expectation hurts, if you don’t expect then every achievement will be surprise and every surprise makes you happiness.


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