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why should we avoid milk tea

Hetauda, In Nepal most of the Nepalese drink tea. Now a day’s people habit of bed tea. Some people do not go even toilet without tea. Now it is a question whether tea in empty stomach has benefit? Is it a good habit?? Researchers noticed the tea in empty stomach has very bad impact on health. In tea there is Kaifeng and tannin which energize body, but after mixing milk on tea, the antioxidant of tea is destroyed. Of course, tea has benefit but we misusing it. We drink tea but we never concentrate on the amount. Too much tea and empty stomach tea has bad impact on health. When comparing to milk tea and black tea, black tea is better but we must limit black tea also.

Milk tea on empty stomach will increase our acidity and it may be the cause of alser. The invitation shows that more than 5 cup tea per day have the probability of protest cancer. Another researcher shows the hot tea will multiply the probability of throat cancer by 8. The hot tea will destroy the soft element of throat.

Milk tea increases the waste fat. The patient of diabetes sugar level will be not on control. Another bad side of milk is cholesterol. In milk tea the tealeaf is used too much, and the market tealeaf  has bad effect. Too much use of these type of tealeaf will increase the chaffing  at body and will creat problem on heart.


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