What to eat for Good Health?

foodYou enjoy and feel comfortable because of your good health. If your health is not good, every luxury would be waste for you. So you must maintain your health. To make good health you must concentrate on your diet. You have to pay for every meal you had before and you have now. For better lifestyle with good health you must choose smart food which helps you to reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke. There are some points with simple tips which really help you for healthy diet.

What should you include on your food every day?

  • Have maximum fruits and vegetables.
  • Include whole grains, Beans and Legumes, some times Nuts and Seeds.
  • Fish, egg
  • Dairy products having low fat.

What should you control?

  • Minimize saturated fat on your meal
  • Use very small amount of salt and sugars.
  • Red meats, if you are eating red meat then cut into small pieces.

Never use

  • If you are very conscious about your health then do not use trans fat and hydrogenated oils.

Besides of that, you have to check your blood pressure, sugar, maintain your body fat, make your life busy, rest a while, meditation and yoga make your body healthy fresh and smart.



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