Overview of Hetauda

About Hetauda

Hetauda is the headquater of Makawanpur District and it is an industrial city which is situated in the central part of nepal. It covers arround 2426 sq km. The main city street of hetauda are full of green trees parallel to both sides of roads because thy reduces the Polution. Here finds all cast and religion and people began to migrate here because it is safe, peace and suitable for resistance.

The mejority of people residing here are Tamang but other communities like tharu, chhetri, Gurung, Newar, Magar, Chepang, Brahmins, Rai also lives here.Hetauda attracts tourist too. It has many historical and beautiful places, Some of them are, Martyrs’ Memorial Park, known as Sahid Smarak. It is situated near 2 km north-west from Main city Hetauda, There we find many beautiful natural places, We cant forget Manakamana Temple also which is 4 km east from main city. it is also known as sano manakamana.

We must remember Makawanpur Ghadhi, which is 10 km east from hetauda. It is the most historical places. likewise thrikhindi, Bhutandevi, Pasupati, Pusplal park, Banaskhandi, Pathibhara, Tribeni dham are the most beautiful places which make pleasant us.The main thing of Hetauda is, it is a green city covering the forest and river. it has its own features with having. The view of Hetauda is really nice and awesome. you could find if once you visit here.


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