Singer Durgesh thapa’s trading song ‘Bich Bichma’

Trending Teej song bich bichma 3

Singer Durgesh Thapa's new teej song 'Bich Bichma 3' catches trending no. 1 for a long time this year. Durgesh THapa's song Bich Bichma now become the unique brand of Teej song. In this song Durgesh thapa tries to present the different role of woman in Nepal.

According to Durgesh Thapa, this song covers various sector of Nepal which are most popular during last 365 days. We can find here about corona virus, border disputes between Nepal and India, Corruption, Political issues, racism etc.

This song's lyrics and music are by Vasant Thapa and titled as "Basar Pani" which is trend since few months. Singer Tapa publish this song in accordance with his most popular last year Teej song Bich Bichma with different style.

Kajis Shrestha has directed and choreographed and Lomas Sharma has presented the video of this song where Durgesh Thapa, Chiranjeevi Sapkota, Kajis Shrestha, Jeevan Sahani Chhetri, Santosh Bania and Prem Khadka are come with ladies uniform. Which makes this song unique to the audience.

As singer appeared on 'saree and cholo' some people began to criticize on them. We can see the away some background and potential of singer towards song is very strong. reaction video on this song is began to receive which brings it good as will as bad comment.


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