Bijay Shahi “Memory King” from Nepal, read mahabharat in few minute. || 26 word formula

Bijay Shahi 'Memory King', is it possible ?

Bijay Shahi is now a days famous for the Memory King. He is famous on media. He has claimed of holding his name in Champions of Book of World Record by remembering 102 words in just 30 Seconds. According to him, he has invented 26 world formula which help him to remember the whole book in a few minute. The way of seeing the pages and memories them forever is really away-some. He had given different "DEMO" for the Nepalese journalist and has become viral on social media. He says, he wants to implement his formula to the education system of Nepal to make 100% literacy. He wants to make Nepal education system to be scientific education.

Now lets learn about Bijay Shahi.

His name is Bijay Shahi. He Belongs from remote place  Kalikot, Nepal. His date of  birth is 1999 June 20. He has 5 members in his family. He is youngest among his 3 brother. His father is a teacher. Shahi completed SEE from Kalikot. He came kathmandu fro higher education. Sahi concentrated on his education almost 18hr per day. Shahi secured first position in grade 11. While studying at grade 12 he developed a formula to remember words. He tested his brain capacity by remembering books. Finally he holed world record on 8th february 2020.   He has recorded to memories 102 words in 30 seconds and hold the Champions Book of World Record. He wants to develop Nepal's education on scientific way. The most amazing facts about him is: he can read whole books by seeing pages in a second and can remember whole book in a minute. He belongs.

How formula works ?

Bijay Shahi remembering Technic is really unique and had not seen before. He used to telling that the technic is based on his formula. There is no superpower and spiritual power. The formula has 26 numbers. According to the scholars Shahi's formula might  like photographic memory. In this technic pepole remember whole object at a time whatever they sees. But they may forget the things latter on.    By the help of that numbers he decodes the images words. He convinced people to share that formula as soon as possible. After the pandemic of covid-19, he is going to visit different places of Nepal to demonstrate his formula.


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