how to know High Blood Pressue

There are symptoms for various disease. You may find your disease by looking the symptoms behind them. But sometimes you won’t find any symptoms of high blood pressure. It is because, often the symptoms of high blood pressure doesn’t seen.

>Myth of Blood Pressure

It is said that the high blood pressure have the symptoms sweating, facial flushing, difficulty on sleeping, nervousness . People believe that the symptoms of these are the symptoms of high blood pressure.

Truth of Blood pressure

But in reality the high blood pressure has no symptoms. It is symptomless like a silent killer. If you think that the symptoms will alert you for the high blood pressure then you are making your life at risk. You should not risk your life with your own.
1. High blood pressure does not always cause for headaches or nosebleeds.
2. If you got headaches for many times a day and nosebleeds and other types of uneasy problem then do not try to make your own doctor. Contact your doctor, check up well, so that it would be the symptoms of other disease.

Symptoms of blod pressure

Blood pressure has many symptoms that indirectly related. But do not consider always them as a high blood pressure. Few of them are maintain below.
1. Blood spots in the eyes.
2. Facial flushing
3. Dizziness
But remember that they might be the cause of blood pressure. But not always coused them for blood pressure. Some times they are cause of other disease and we think they are caused of blood pressure. But we do not ignore them too. Because it could be the reason behind of high blood pressure.
Blood spot: the blood spot appear on the eyes for the patient who have the disease of diabetes of high blood pressure.
Facial flushing: It occurs when blood vessels in the face dilate.


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