Love, Care, Happiness, union celebration | यही त हो हजुर्! दशैको आकर्शण !!

This is the attraction of BadaDashain.

The paddy is blooming after the rain.
Blooming of Flowers like Centipede Parijat are begin.
The sound of the bell ringing in the temple early morning is so dear.
With the arrival of autumn, there is excitement everywhere.
In search of happiness, the townspeople move towards village.
This is the attraction of Badadasai.

Cities are begun empty when,
Villages start filling up then .
Foreigners are also counting days to come there,
Meeting at Dashain to have fun and refreshed a year.
Begin to see "Linge Ping" every where and kite in the sky.
This is the attraction of BadaDashain.

Missing families are founding,
Torn clothes are returning,
Destroyed houses are rebuilding,
The flying colors start shining,
The outline of the village become hify,
This is the attraction of BadaDashain.

Wearing fitted and new clothes
Decorating on the forehead and ear with "tika" and "jamara"
Went to the house of the Honorable hub    

Being blessed with their infinite love.
This is the time when close people will tie
This is the attraction of BadaDashain


Let's exchange sorrow and happiness in spite of cutting chicken and goat.
Celebrate Dashain by exchanging blessings do not demand Gift, just forgot.
Dashain should not be Unfortunate to poor.
rectify your mind, rich people only celebrate this festival more
Throw away perversions like alcohol gambling forever.
Celebrate this time with politeness and courtesy together.


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