kingdom of Lord Rama is not Ayodhya but Nepal – Nepal PM Oli

Nepal's Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has accused India of encroaching on culture by setting up a fake Ayodhya.

Speaking on the occasion of Bhanu Jayanti at a function held at the Prime Minister's residence in Baluwatar, Prime Minister Oli said that Nepal was culturally oppressed and that India had encroached on the real facts.

Although Lord Rama's kingdom Ayodhya will be located west of Birgunj in Nepal, India has set up a disputed Ayodhya, he said. Even now the facts have been violated.

'We still think we gave Sita to Prince Ram of India. We have given it to Ayodhya and not to India. Ayodhya is a village a little west of Birgunj. There is a fierce dispute in Ayodhya in India. We don't have to argue. In Thori, west of Ayodhya Birgunj, Balmiki Ashram is here (in Nepal) and Panditji Ridika is performing daughter sacrifice after having no children from Dasharatha. Therefore, the children (Ram) is not Indian and the place (Ayodhya) is also not in India, 'he said.

If India says Ayodhya is right, then the question arises as to how the king of Janakpur came to get married. He said, 'Here in Janakpur, if he was in Ayodhya, he would have tried to marry his daughter, at that time, neither telephone nor mobile phone would have known. It was not possible to know. But that history is not possible by debating.

Prime Minister Oli said that although the beginning and development of knowledge and science took place in Nepal, the series could not be continued.


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