Use Facebook without internet

Facebook tips

Today I am going to tell how to use facebook without internet. This will be done by sending a SMS through your mobile. For that follow these steps.,

  1. At first go to the facebook, general setting, security, Privacy.
  2. Go to the mobile option and type your phone number.
  3. Then, you will receive the conformation code, after entering the conformation number your facebook account will combine with mobile.
  4. After completing 3 steps, just go to the facebook, setting and notification.
  5. After that go to the button text massage and click on alternative.
  6. you will get 3 option, comment, facebook-massage or all notification.
  7. select the option as your desire and click on save changes.

After doing all these task your massage of facebook began to come on mobile as SMS. That do not need any internet fo get massage. It will come as SMS.


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