A man belongs from London want to die being Nepali..

Putali baje, citizen of London, father of Butterfly

"Father of Butterfly" or "Putali Baje", In this article I am going to discuss about him, He is the person who loves Nepal too much, Who spend his hole time in Nepal and want to die being Nepali. The person who got nick name of Father of Butterfly or Putali Baje is because of his continued focus on his work. His contribution will be best gift for Nepal for ever.

Most of the people in Nepal want to go abroad for different reason. After going there they focus their energy to get PR so that they can settle there.

There is a small cottage near the jungle of Lama Village, Pokhara. In the cottage, a old man who belongs form London named Colin Philip Smith stay alone. He spend more than 5 decades in Nepal.  Now he is nearly about 82 years, at this date, he has the same curiosity in his own work as started for the first time.

Over the years, he visited more than 40 districts of Nepal and most of them are visited on foot. His ambition was to study about butterflies available in Himalayan country Nepal. He Knew that there are more than 560 spices of butterfly in Nepal, He started to collect one by one. He plant flowers to attract butterfly so that he can easily observe them. He walks mile to mile on foot to capture butterfly.

Now his works are displayed at the Natural HIstory Museum in Swoyambu, Kathmandu; The Annapurna Butterfly Museum at Prithvi Narayan Campus in Pokharal; the Kathmandu University in Dhulikhel and Museum in the UK.

Colin Philip Smith is now popular as the name "Putali Baje" "Butterfly grand Pa". He work as a teacher for the first 7 years in different places of Nepal, in Pokhara, Gorkha and Kathmandu. His subject was Math and science. Smith remembers past time while he was at Gorkha as a teacher. He teaches science in ninth grade to Upendra Devkota, present best neurologist and Dr. Baburam Bhattarai, past prime minister of Nepal.

He wrote more than 10 books focusing on butterfly. The first book he wrote is "Butterflies of Nepal in Central Himalaya" which was published in 1989. The resent book titled " Butterflies of Nepal in Natural Environment' is so popular now a days.

Now he is suffered form many disease, staying lonely and living with a final wish from Nepal, Smith wishes, "I want Nepali citizen, I want to die being Nepali, and after death, my dead body will be fired at Seti River like all Nepali do. According to him land is so precious, so do not bury dead body on Land.


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