Benefits of eating with hands instead of spoons

Real benefits of eating with hands

Most of the Nepalese eat food with their hands, but now a days this culture is being loped by the entrance of western culture. But you must keep in mind that, the benefit you will get while eating with hands never get eating by spoons. I have mentioned here some few benefit. Read these and try to apply in your life too.

  1. It will maintain your life energy as fresh.
    It is said that we are made by 5 elements, which is so called life energy. And these energy are in our hands too. Where our thumb represents hit(अग्नि ) next one represents air, next one represents sky, next one represents earth and shortest finger represents water.  Among these elements, if one of them have some problem means, you might be ill. So if you eat by adding your all fingers, then this will be the right position for the eat. And adding all element at a place will make your food more testy and energetic. If you added green chilly on your food, will be more beneficial.
  2. You will have concentrate: While eating with hands have more concentrate. You most have to see the food, you will feel what ever you are mixing. And for this you have to be concentrate on food. While eating with hands often called as mindful eating. The main benefit of this is our degustation power will be more.
  3. It will save to burn your mouth: If you eat by hand, you will feel all about the food, whether  it is hot, or cold, because your hand is like the temperature machine. That’s why you will controlled your food to eat if it is too hot or too cold.

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