Truth facts

  1. Every year there will be 2 minute which have 61 seconds.
  2. Parashut invented before the invention of aeroplane.
  3. Octopus have 3 hearts.
  4. Titenic had cost 571200000 Nepalese Rupees. But the Titenic Film cost of 16000000000 Nepalese Rupees.
  5.   If you consider the earth as an apple then the atmosphere is like the apple’s skin.
  6. Hot water converted to ice faster than cold water.
  7. Our body has this much iron, from that the 1 inch stool can be made.
  8. Dog and cat also be right handed.
  9. any squire dry paper can not be folded 7 times by making them half.
  10. Our height will be 1 cm more in the morning than evening.
  11. The weight of the whole ant is equal to the weight of whole people in the world.
  12. In 1894 the first camera has invented and to click the picture there should be stay at least 8 hr in front of the camera.
  13. TYPEWRITER is the longest world where all the letters are used from the same line.
  14. UNCOPYWRIGHTABLE is the world where no one word written second time.
  15. Therein is the world from which which can make many words like, the, there, he in, rain, her, here, ere, therein, herein.
  16. Our heart bits around 1000000 times per day.
  17. Finger’s nail develops 4 times faster than feet nails.
  18. Some insect eat them self if they did not find food for them
  19. Cigaret Lighter has discovered faster than Machis.
  20. Lizard’s heart bits 1000/minute
  21. Neil Armstrong had put his left hand for the first time in moon and at that time his heart bit arround 156times/minute

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