One guy involved Chhaka Panja hacking committed suicide

Chhaka Panja Hacker Committed  Suicide

The News is becoming viral that one of the guy involved in the piracy of ‘Chhaka Panja’ has committed suicide. According to reports, his name is Krishna Subedi. He lives in Nawalparasi, Kawasoti. He was found dead at his room in Gaushala.

The “Chhaka Panja”  movie had released on September 9 has been leaked on the internet. The full movie had leaked with  runtime 2h 10m. This movie was leaked on the internet by “अरजुन कुमार श्रेषठ (sanu)” for the first time.

The producer and directors Deepak Raj Giri and Deepa Shree Niraula, both are in Europe right now and they are shortening their visit and returning back  to return back to Nepal because of the piracy of the movie.

According to the sourse, Krishna Subedi had transferred the movie to Australia through Google Drive. Deepak Raj Giri had told that the police had arrested few people in related on the piracy of chhakka panja. He had also announced the release of the movie in YouTube. Do you know how Yamma buddha died???

Possible reason behind Suicide

It is completely unknown about why he committed suicide. He was arrested and latter on released in bail. He might have faced stress. It seems that he has transferred a file that has received from others. So he doesn’t seem to be directly involved in stealing the movie from the producers.

It can be guessed, Subedi went through mental stress and fearful that police are going to arrest him. His body is taken at Teaching Hospital, and investigating exact cause of death  that will come after the postmortem of the body.


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