R.P. Bhattarai is No more.


Kathmandu-The comedy actor R.P. Bhattarai was died on friday. He was the patient of blood pressure and Sugar. The information of his death is informed by the Tito Satya act0r Dipak Raj Giri. Bhattrai was at his father's sister's house for 4 days. He was there for his one job. he was 42 years old and he has his wife and brother. Most of the actor has wrote sympathy and condolence.

who is R.P. Bhattarai

His full name is Rudra Prasad Bhattarai. His birth place is biratnagar. Everyone is getting surprise on his untimely, sudden demise.He had started his acting from 2042. He had played role on various elivision and film.He was singere and film controller. He roled on Tito satya,, Meri Bassi, 52 ghusha 53 thakkar.He has the main role on "Rastriya Natya ghar.He had the role inclucing "wada Numberchakka panja. His famous role on facebook was "Rajam mero naame

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