Gai jatra 2079, Pachak, MOPHSAL GAIJATRA 2079 FROM HETAUDA

I have recently posted Gai jatra 2079, titled ‘Pachak’ From Makwanpur Hetauda, ​​the capital of Bagmati province. This is my fifth Gai jatra and  I have been continuously serving  “Gaijatre Kosheli” since 2075 BS. I have tried to give some thing new with new Gaijatra style. In addition, this Gai jatra will break the old tradition of keeping everything centered in Kathmandu even gai jatra also.  This Gai-jatra is an example of the art that can be served being out of the Kathmandu valley too.This may spray the massage to all Nepali  that the Gijatra may publish from “Mophsal” too.

In this gaijatra I am trying to show the characteristics of our leaders. Our responsibilities and authority may be the failler of our nation.  I uploaded this gaijatra on my youtube channel, Hetauda serophero with the nameगाइजात्रा २०७९ || Gaijatra 2079 || पाचक || माेफसलकाे पाचाै गाइजात्रे प्रस्तुति @ Udaya Chaulagain. you can see full Gaijatra 2079 video on

I am waitin for your comment recording to this creation.

thank you

udaya chaulagain


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