Do You Know??

I have maintain here some truth that you might be known, Keep in these thing on you mind, that will be very interesting.

  1. 95% people in the world are pouring water after adding the paste on toothbrush.
  2. As less you sleep as much you happy, because people often sleep more if they are unhappy or sad.
  3. People feel the velocity of your girlfriend will be 7 times less than yours and the same velocity will be fast if you have a boy.
  4. If you see someone in the dream frequently, it means you remember him/her more.
  5. Bathing with beer will make your skin soft.
  6. One bamboo tree grows 3 feet within 24 hr.
  7. In our solar system all planet round Anti-Clockwise but Sukra planet round clockwise.
  8. If you have less sleep than your needs will divert your desire to drink, smoke, or sex.
  9. Our bones are 5 times stronger than metal of steel.
  10. Dream clam the worse thinking and remembrance.

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