Rest In Peace …. 13 MBBS Student name and photo

At least 50 are killed on airplane accident and more than 25 are injured at Tribhuvan International Airport. In the plane 33 Nepali, 32 Bangladeshi 1 Chinese and one Maldives are suffering from Bangladesh Dhaka to Kathmandu at March 12 2018, was crashed landed at 2:20pm local time. Hitting a fence, bursting into flames and burn completely.
Among them 13 are student who is returning to home after completing their MBBS final year exam,
There Name are as follows:
Anjila Shrestha

Algina Baral

Ashna Shakya.

Shweta Thapa

Neega Maharjan,

Sanjaya Maharjan.

From left, bottom row:

Charu Baral,

Princy Dham,

Samira Byanjankar,

Saruna Shrestha,

Meeli Maharjan,

Sanjaya Poudal

All Student are died on US-Bangla Airlines airplane accident. We heartfelt condolence to the departed soul of all students will rest in peace and god will give strength to their family and relative to accept this bad incident happen to them.


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