Ramesh Prasai won the title of Public Speaker Nepal 2.

Ramesh Prasai belongs from Dharan won the title of Public speaker Nepal 2, who is being broadcast from AP1 HD Television. The show which was started with the original slogan “Now Nepal speaks.” Prasai took the title of the title of competitiveness as well as public speaker Nepal-2 with a public interest award.


Ramesh won the lead title as well as public choice award of public speaker Nepal 2. Likewise, Pawan Kafle belongs from Kathmandu become first runner-up and Mani Thakur belongs from Kathmandu became second runner-up. In the program, winner, first runner up and second runner up won 3 lakhs, 2 Lakes and 1 Lakh cash recetively.

Watch Ramesh Prashai Speech of Grand Finale round 1.

Pran Lichi Drink( प्रान लिची ड्रिन्क) was the main sponsor of the program organized at the Acretive Media project. In the last phase, Addison was held in 12 different places of the country, 6 successful candidates were selected among 1100 youth participation.

Mr.Rajesh Hammal, Mrs. Saru Joshi Shrestha, Mr. Joshi Shrestha, Dr. Vermajuna Acharya, Dr. Ration Rathi, had played the role of the judge during various stages of the program.

Watch Ramesh Prashai Speech


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