Bharatpur Election-Latest Update


Live Update of Bharatpur

Devi Gyawali

Renu Dahal

Counted Votes Difference Votes
41946(966 from ward-19) 41725(1529 from ward-19) 2870(ward-19 COMPLETED) 221
41543 41031 1600 512

Bharatapur Metropolitan City – 19 has 3797 voters from which only 2870 votes were cast today and this was the 27 votes less than the May 14 poles.

There were total 29 wards in Bharatpur Metropolitan from them  ward 19 is counting and ward 20 is remaining. While ward 19 was  almost finished, Maoist representative named Drona Babu Siwakoti and Madhu Neupane allegedly tore the ballot papers while the UML candidate Devi Gyawali was 786 votes ahead than CPN- Maoist candidate Renu Dahal.



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