Amazing facts about Nepal

Amazing facts about Nepal

Nepal, a landlocked country of South Asia in the foothills of the Himalayas. Nepal is one of the most beautiful and unique country in the world. Let’s take a look at some Amazing facts about Nepal that will make Nepal out standing.

  1. Himalayan country: Nepal has 8 top mountains among top 10 mountain ranges in the world. The highest peak, Mount Everest is also the part of Nepal. That’s why Nepal is called the land of Mount Everest. People come know Nepal as the land of the Himalayas. This is one of the  Amazing facts about Nepal.
  2. Independent country: Nepal is also known as an independent country in the world where no one has ever been able to occupy it completely. Even though almost all the countries of the world were colonized by European nations, the  Amazing facts about Nepal is: Nepal never got its mark. Nepal and British celebrated 200 years of diplomatic friendship but India became independent only in 1947.
  3. Buddha’s Land: Known as the Light of Asia, Gautama Buddha was born in Kapilvastu in the Lumbini region of western Nepal. Gautam Buddha, also known as the Messenger of Peace, is considered to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu himself and believe that Nepal is Buddha’s country but some Indian movies Indian books and politicians are cultivating the illusion that Buddha was born in India.
  4. Non-religious Conflict: Despite being a predominantly Hindu country, it is home to a significant number of people of other religions and denominations. There have been many internal conflicts, political conflicts and violent acts of change, but there has been no history of violence in the name of religion or caste. Nepal is an exemplary country in the world where so many languages, religions and castes coexist in a small geography. But some gangs came up with ethnic slogans to spoil this relationship of Nepalis.
  5. Unique National Flag: Nepal is a country with unique national flags around the world. Almost all countries flag are in  rectangular but the national flag of Nepal is two-triangular with the moon in the upper triangle and the sun in the lower triangle. The history of this flag can be estimated to be more than 2000 years. This is also one of the  Amazing facts about Nepal.
  6. Beautiful country all over Asia: Nepal is a place full of natural resources. Therefore, anyone who loves nature makes Nepal the first priority of tourism. So many wonderful natural heritages contained in a small geography have made Nepal a beautiful country in Asia. It is also the highest peak, the lowest Arun valley. Tilicho Lake at the highest point, Suligarh waterfall at the highest place, Charka Bhote and Tarap Basti at the highest place, Stellaria Decombens Flower at the highest place, Arun Valley originating from the highest place and the deepest blind gorge are located in the geography of Nepal. That is why Swiss geologist Tony Hagen has said, “I never hesitate to say that Nepal is the most beautiful as well as varied country in the world.

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