Chaulagain meeting has completed, Makaanpur

Makawanpure Chaulagain Meeting

Chaulagain residing at Makawanpur district has organized a delegation in Hetauda on 2075 Mansir 21. The main purpose of this gathering is to identify and introduce between Chaulagain who lives in Makawanpur. They have decided to organize the Chaulagain picnic program in Hetauda on 5th Magh in the conjuction of Dhruba Prasad Chaulagain with member,

  1. Badri Prasad Chaulagain
  2. Bal Krishna Chaulagain
  3. Loknath Chaulagain
  4. Ujwal Chaulagain
  5. Khil Prasad Chaulagain
  6. Arjun Prasad Chaulagain
  7. Sadhusam Chaulagain
  8. Santosh Chaulagain
  9. Sangam Chaulagain
  10. Bishnu Chaulagain
  11. Utsab Chaulagain
  12. Jiban Chaulagain
  13. Krishna Prasad Chaulagain
  14. Krishna Chaulagain
  15. Shiva Chaulagain
  16. Ramhari Sharma Chaulagain
  17. Navaraj Chaulagain
  18. TeJ Prasad Chaulagain
  19. Udaya Chaulagain
    are also present.

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