Tips For Sound Sleep

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Today man is leading a very busy life. As the busy life they might have various problems in life. The modern facilities and comforts have made him relaxed. The problem of sleeplessness is not seen in poor people but rich suffer most.

Why people have not sound sleep

It is due to the lack of physical labor, mental tension, tiredness, and wrong eating habits, unhappy condition are main hindrance for sound sleep. Work pressure, sleeping in the daytime, heaviness in the stomach, gastric problems, lack of exercise, consumption of alcohol, tobacco, smoking, air pollution are the reason creating problem. Sometimes patient does not sleep for the whole night. Lack of sufficient sleep causes fatigue and laziness. Insomnia is not a disease in itself but symptom of disease, which is going to occur or has occurred in the body. Stomach disorder, constipation and consumption of tea or coffee are the reasos for insomnia.

What are the tips

Pranayam is helpful in curing all the diseases. Regular practice prevents deficiency of life energy or prana. Yoga asanas are a sort of massage for the body. They make the muscles flexible, make them strong and healthy. The patients of insomnia should practice Kunjal and Jalneti in the morning. In summers Shitali or Chandra Bhedi pranayam should be practiced and in winter season Kapalbhati, Surya Bhedi and nerve cleansing exercises should be done to overcome sleeplessness. This helps the patient in developing mental strength and overcoming tension. It removes all the stomach related problems. Bhujangasan,Sarvangasana, Pacschimottasana and Shavasan are recommended to overcome this problem. It removes internal weakness and makes the heart healthy and disease free.


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