Strange Tample, where sandals are offered to the goddess.

Often Flowers, the unwary, hinges and Prasad are offered to the good by the devotees. peace, clean clothes, money and precious metal are also offered to the good and goddess But we have never listen the shoos and sandals are also  offered.But our old is very strange. you must have your eyes and ear at a good condition, you can hear these thing. Yes! one of the temple in India is like that where devotees come here and with importance thy will wore he shoos garland.

In India, near Gulbarg district of  Karnakata there is a goddess temple, where every year they organize the occasion and from very far from the there people come to deliver the shoos. And they deliver to the god.

This festival is celebrated at the 6th days of deepawali people put their shooses near the temple and deliver to the god and ask the and get  blase from them.




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