Rabi Lamichhane before 20 years

About Rabi Lamichhane

When we talk about the most popular Nepali journalist, the name comes from every Nepalese mouth is "Rabi Lamichhane". Yes! Rabi Lamichhane is that person who become success for the world record for hosting the longest ever television talk show. The show which was broadcast in News24 Television in April 2013. He was in US for degree and had best job over there. But besides of the life of US, his deep attachment towards motherland brought him back to Nepal. Now he is so famous for the Nepal's top television show "Sidha Kura Janta Sanga". He explore the root problem of Nepal, which includes politics, discrimination and corruption. He is so popular with his style of journalism, which is used to be straight and fearless.


Rabi lamichhane had made world record by air broadcasting more then 62 hr on News24 Television. In 2011, two Ukrainian presenters had recorded the world record by 52 hr air broadcasting which was broken by Nepali young boy in 2013 by air broadcasting more than 62 hr. In his longest show he presented the interview of politicians, journalists and celebrities on the basis of "Boddha was born in Nepal". During that broadcasting he took phone calls from viewers. After completing broadcast, he placed the name as "Ma Rastrako Sewak" and hosted it on to the internet and latter on hosted to Nepal Television and then Us.

Rabi lamichhane is lyrics writer too. The most popular lyrics are "timilai Man Parauchhu" which was sung by Nabin K bhattrai and "Timro Aagamanle Feri" sung by Ramkrishna Dhakal.
Now he is so popular on News24 television show "Sidha kura Janta Sanga". In this show he presents the root cause of the problem and guide the related person to do their job on right way. He expose the problems which is related to the social issues for the daily people life and solved as much as he can.
His old show is like this.


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