Re-poling of Bharatpur – 19 held successfully.

Devi Vs Renu

who will win?? battle is completed.. result is remaining

Nearly 75.58% voters have cast their vote for the re-polling of Bharatpur Metropolitan City- 19 and this was held successfully , said by the election commission.

Bharatapur Metropolitan City – 19 has 3797 voters from which only 2870 votes were cast today and this was the 27 votes less than the May 14 poles.

The election office in Chitwan is preparing to count the vote from 10 pm, today with tight security. For this purpose the CCTV cameras have been installed around the spot, likewise the representatives are to be placed outside of the the wire fence and are not allowing to do any kind of illegal activities.

There were total 29 wards in Bharatpur Metropolitan from them all wards votes were counted besides of 20. While ward 19 was  almost finished, Maoist representative named Drona Babu Siwakoti and Madhu Neupane allegedly tore the ballot papers while the UML candidate Devi Gyawali was 786 votes ahead than CPN- Maoist candidate Renu Dahal.

A single bench of Justice Cholendra Shumsher JB Rana had issued by telling that the June 2 decision to hold re-polling in Bharatpur – 19.

Here the Nepali Congress and CPN-Maoist Centre had electoral alliance but CPN-UML alone at the Metropolis battle.

The voters of that ward has got second chance to get their representative but it is to see how they use their vote. It is said that the moist candidate Renu has got lots of time to be familiar to the villagers. Not only that but they have government, power and a lot to do to get more votes. The supporter of Devi Gyawali are telling, Renu has done almost all illegal activities to get more votes, they use power, money and disguise the voters.

We have to wait till tomorrow evining for the final result .


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