Banana नाम एक काम अनेक

Why banana for your daily diet

It has Thiamin, Ribophlebin, Niacin and Phallic acid, which supply lots of vitamin “A” and vitamin “B”. Besides of that it is the best source of energy. But you must choose the perfect timing of eating banana. If you eat one or two banana per day with launch then the chance of hunger would be less till you launches time. If you do the job which use trunk strength, you can take banana as a diet. Which fulfill energy most of the time.

Benefits of eating banana list wise.

  1. Banana is the best fruits for all famous players. It is said that one banana will make you energetic for a hour. It will give energy slowly and maintain the energy level for a long time.
  2. Banana has Traiptophan Amino Acid which develop the Ceretonnic Harmon and it makes our mood always on good condition. So if you want to make your mood on fresh condition, start taking banana.
  3. Banana has lots of Potassium which maintain blood pressure. So the blood pressure patient are also recommended to take banana.
  4. It is said to be eat banana before the exam because it makes brain fresh, sharp and alert. So your exam will be better. You can recall your study.
  5. Banana has some pro biotic bacteria which consumes the calcium from your meal and make your bones strong. So the patient of bone fracture and crack has recommended to eat banana.
  6. Banana increase the immune defense
  7. Banana maintain blood-sugar.
  8. Banana has the iron which can dissolve on blood, so it increase the hemoglobin. So the Anemia patient are recommended to eat banana.
  9. It will erase Acidity and maintain your digestive system.
  10. If you drink lots of alcohol and in the morning you feel hang over then, the solution is eating banana. Banana will correct your hang over.
  11. If you make your heart strong then eat banana with mixing honey.
  12. If you want to increase your weight then eat banana with milk, honey and ilaichi power every morning.
  13. For children it is very essential to eat banana because it has iron, khanij tatwo and posan tatwo.
  14. After eating eat banana which makes your body strong.
  15. If blood is continuously going from your body then use the banana at the cut place.
  16. Banana will defense for the cancer of kidney.
  17. Apply Ripe banana’s paste on the face for 20-25 minute and wash by a bit hot water. It will be helpful for dry face.
  18. Banana will be helpful for every types of swelling.
  19. Banana will be good for your hair also. If you want to make your hair shining, soft then make a paste of banana and honey and apply on hair.
  20. Banana is good for stomach alser.

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