Eight proofs that Lord “Ram” was born in Nepal

Since Sita is the daughter of Janakpur and there is a misconception that Ram is a resident of Ayodhya near Lucknow, India, we have been considering Ram as his son-in-law. However, various arguments and evidence indicate that this is not true.

First proof: It is not uncommon for Ravana Sarvasundari Sita to come to Janakpur from Sri Lanka at the time of Swayamvara as she has a floral plane with her.

Second proof: After Rama returned from Sri Lanka, Laxman left Sita near the Valmiki Ashram and sent her back to the forest on the advice of the laundress. To reach Valmiki Ashram from Ayodhya, India, he had to cross a distance of more than 250 km. It is not possible to complete the 500 km journey in one day with the help of a chariot.

Third proof: The famous Indian novelist Kamaleshwar’s novel ‘Kitne Pakistan’ published in 2000 also confirms that Ayodhya is not the birthplace of Ram, who was praised by writers like Namvar Singh, Amrita Pritam, Himanshu Joshi and Vishnu Prabhakar and in all Indian newspapers. The review was published.

Fourth proof: Just as some Indians are now making fake Lumbini in India overnight to prove that Buddha was born in India, so should the Hindus attack the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya with its credit by showing Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh as described in the Ramayana centuries ago. The intent may be hidden. There must be one of the rivers Saryu, Madi or Narayani and Rapti mentioned in Ramayana.Since these facts prove that Rama’s birthplace is in Nepal, it should be taken into consideration that Lord Rama is not our son-in-law but a child and son of our country.

Fifth proof: Madi in Chitwan district of Nepal, which was also known as Ayodhyapuri since ancient times, should be the real birthplace of Ram. Until some time ago, the name of a VDC there was Ayodhyapuri. Now Tandy is in wards 7 and 8 after becoming a municipality. Janakpur is about 180 km east of the place and Valmiki Ashram is about 70 km west. From thee, you can reach Valmiki Ashram in one day by chariot.

Sixth proof: The Valmiki Ashram is still in Nepal. This is an accepted topic. Located on the southern border of Chitwan National Park and Parsa Wildlife Sanctuary, the ashram is not easy to reach through Nepal’s territory. Even now, one has to cross Narayani from Triveni and reach Tanki Bazaar of India by crossing the Sunandi and Patandi rivers through the Valmiki Tiger Conservation Area of ​​India. The Government of Nepal has not paid much attention to this.

Seventh proof: Towards the end of Ramayana, it is described that Valmiki, Sita and Love Kush went on foot to meet Rama. Valmiki informed Rama about Sita’s holiness and planned to hand over Sita and Love Kush to Rama. The place where they met is now Devghat. At that time, Ram could not easily comply with Valmiki’s request as he thought that accepting Sita would send a wrong message to the people.Saddened by this, Sita called Mother Earth. The earth split, and Sita fell to the ground. Devghat is still crowded with pilgrims to visit the place.

Eighth proof: Ramgram comes after crossing the western Narayani river from present day Ayodhyapuri. Rampur is to the north of Ayodhyapuri. The place where Ram lit a fire in the forest of East Sunsari district from Ayodhyapuri is still famous as Ramdhuni. The Ramnagar connected with Devghat should not be forgotten. Rampur is also in Palpa. Along with Rampur, there is Ramghat on the banks of Kali river from where Rama had meditated. The Ramayana mentions the expansion of Rama’s kingdom. Surrounding places with Ramnama may be the places where Rama conquered. By further researching and propagating these eight truths, it should be made known to the world that Nepal is the birthplace not only of Buddha but also of Rama. And our bent relationship with India (because of Sita’s ancestry) must end. Thousands of people have lost their lives in Ayodhya, India over the Ram Janmabhoomi dispute and the conflict continues. There must be one of the rivers Saryu, Madi or Narayani and Rapti mentioned in Ramayana.Since these facts prove that Rama’s birthplace is in Nepal, we should be proud to say that Lord Rama is not our son-in-law, he is the son of our country.

On November 12, 2075, Lokmani Poudel posted Lord Ram for the eight proofs that he was born in Nepal.


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