Shalikaram’s wife declares ‘Kitani’ against Ravi Lamichhane

Shalikaram's wife declares 'Kitani' against Ravi Lamichhane

August 2, Journalist Shalikram Pudasaini's wife Samjhana has filed a complaint against Ravi Lamichhane for investigating the case. She had filed a complaint at the police office on Sunday.

Pudasaini's family filed a complaint against Youbaraj Kandel and Asmita Karki of Okhaldhunga, arrested in the same case, along with Lamichhane at Metropolitan Police premises Kathmandu.
In the Khatani manifesto, she has demanded action against her husband Lamichhane, Kandel and Karki for choosing the path of murder. She was crying emotionally while delivering a kitten.

After completing Pudasaini's 13-day work, she had reached at the police office to complaint against them.


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