Manab Sewa Asram (मह जात्रा){४० लाख संकलन}


HETAUDA: In order to develop Hetauda as kind, piece and humanity city, a building is constructing by “Manab Sewa Aasram” and for the support of building construction, organizer team has organize the MaHa Jatra at Hetauda today. At jatra Senior comedians  Hari Bansha Acharya and Madan Krishna Shrestha are the main attraction.

MaHa Jodi has played the role on Nepal’s undergoing cast politics and on the play they have given  a massage to the Nepalese that Himal, Pahad, and  Tarai, we all are nepali and we all have to live together to build a better Nepal.

Likewise comedy actor Kiran KC and Rajaram Paudel also have given the massage to find the best leader for the better work for Nepal. They have shown the clear message to the leader that if they become a country’s leader rather than depending upon the Chin and India, the country would lead on the way of development.

At the stage, Aman Shrestha represents different rumors songs. Likewise Kiran KC delivered Patali titled song. Mandabi tripathi  also delivered different songs.

Likewise Rubina Adhikari’s dance also become the attraction for the audience.Program convener Puran Bahadur Josi said, arrangement of house to live is many times better than feeding one time food, for that this program is organized. And he support by helping with 2 lakh cash.

In the program, Makawanpu-3, Sansad Ananta Pudel, Madhya pritana, Head quarter Hetauda, Deve Subedi, District Police Office DSP Basanta Lama, and various offices represented are presented. The audience has come there by taking ticket cost of 2000, 1000,500, 300.

The programe has been on Hetauda Bhutandevei Higher Secondary parisar. The organizer are excepting 50 lakh income and they compelled of collecting 40 lakh.


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