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Child Care Tips- New born Baby

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Everyone in the world wants their child to be the best child at all cases. To make your child as a better child than other, you need good parenting technique that you should follow. Whatever child care center you choose, you most keep in your mind some basic things and you insist upon. Here in this article I have tried to point some of the important decision that every mother and other responsible person should fallow.

Ensure self-hygiene:

wash your hands properly wear fresh and clean clothes before you keep your baby with you to avoid infection including allergies

Position to hold baby:

You must keep your baby like: head should rest on the crook of your arm with your hand supporting the spine of your baby. And use your another hand to feed, pat your baby’s cheeks, or just keep it over the chest or tummy gently.

Never shake your baby vigorously:

Shaking baby can lead to brain injury. It is ok if you are trying to put your baby to sleep or just comforting, just rock her gently from side to side and sing a lullaby.

Don’t love like this:

Some people throw their baby in the air, jiggling them on knees which is not advisable. Do not love baby like this

Give skin-to-skin contact:

Give your baby enough skin-to-skin contact, this will help her feel your warmth and be closer to the mother’s heart too. Your heart beat was the only thing she heard when in the womb, so holding your baby close to your heart while giving enough skin-to-skin contact can make her feel more secure and relax her senses. Even dads can do the same while practicing kangaroo care.

Talk to your baby:

Make a habit to talk with your newborn baby that has a host of hidden benefits. The main benefit is it helps in baby brain development and helps your baby pick up words faster. More ever it also helps to bond better with your baby.

Check the diapers:

Check on the diapers of your baby frequently; every four hours or so because a healthy baby would be urinating very often. Feed on demand: Two major things that every parent keep in their mind is that your baby needs two things in early days – proper feeds and enough sleep. Newborn baby usually sleep for 16 to 20 hours a day. Your baby will call out for a feed probably every two hours or less. Be ready to offer a feed on demand.

If you choose to breastfeed hold your baby right and ensure that she has enough of areola inside her mouth to avoid intake of air. If choose to formula, take boiled water and prepare a fresh feed each time you need to give your baby. Discard any amount of leftover. If your baby sleep more tha  5 hours without meal, just wake her up gently and offer a feed, if he refused, do not forced for feeding but play with our baby, sing a lullaby and try for feed again later.

Sterilize bottles and breast frequently:

Wash and sterilize feeding bottles at least twice a day. This has to do for the parts of your breast..

Ensure proper umbilical cord care:

A part of your umbilical cord would be attached to your new burn baby for at least few days. It’s very sensitive area for your baby and should be cared. For this apply medicated powders prescribed by your doctor to keep the area dry and help heal faster. Make your baby wears loose clothes to avoid any pressure on the area. After dry, it falls naturally, but take care until it is healed completely.

Bathe your baby right:

After falling umbilical cord and the area of attached umbilical cord heals properly bath your baby.

Burp your baby right:

Burping is essential for every baby after every feed. Burping means hold your baby upright with her chin resting on your shoulder and gently pat her back. Like wise move your hands from her lower back to upper back. She might take air during feeding that would be free after a burp. This will save her from colic symptoms.

Clean your baby’s room often:

Keep your baby’s room neat and clean.  This will help her be off airborne infection and allergens.

Always soothe your crying baby:

There is myth that making your baby cry is good for her lungs. So it is good to cry but crying is also considered an important physiological phenomenon but it’s unwise to keep your baby in tears. This could lead to psychological distress. In fact we must remember that baby are crying means they are telling or demanding for something or something has going wrong with her. Watch for the signs closely to make sure you can attend to her needs.

Reach out to your doctor when in need:

Any sign can be your baby like fever, diarrhea, vomiting – anything can affect. This time you never try to be doctor. Go to the baby doctor and take suggestion.


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