Road construction of Kantilokpath Agreement

Kantilokpath Agreement

It would be the good news for the Hetaudali that the construction of Kantilokpath pitch agreement would be immediately on job within Chaitra. Police had arrested the people who disturb or road construction. While the police arrested the 11 people who blocked the complete construction and they come to table for piece talk and made agreement, said Ravindra Pokharel.

District Administration Office, Kantilokpath Construction Conflicts Committee, and road construction Baniya construction service representative have made an agreement that the construction will start within 7 days, road dust control for 3 days by watering and till Chaitra the construction would be complete.

They promised for the solution of problem on road construction. But the memorandum is submitted because of the delayed for construction of Kantilokpath. Today, in the morning, they come to the rod to block because of not hearing them. The villagers are facing problem of dust and smoke  due to the delayed on construction. The road of Hetauda- Chaughada is very disturb. Because of the negligence of construction company, the road construction is not working well.


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