Hetauda starts Protest rally

Hetauda: Lets start the topic with introduction of Hetauda. Hetauda is sub-metropolitan city in the Makwanpur District of the Narayani Zone of southern Nepal. Hetauda is one of the peace, clean and largest city of nepal often called as a green city of Nepal. It is awarded many times as a cleanest city of Nepal. Green forest surrounding, well plant trees and Junction root of Nepal and established industrial estate is the key feature of Hetauda. So Hetauda is going to be the ideal for the development.


Hetauda is connected Kathmandu with many roads. We can reach Kathmandu Via fast track only 76 km, Via Daman Tribhuvan Highway 132km, Via Narayanghadh 224km and via Kanti Lokpath 78Km. Up coming Tunnel road is also the most priority which shorten the distance of Kathmandu-Hetauda only 55km and leads to  reach Kathmandu within a hour.

All the resources are available in Hetauda. Sufficient land, water, roads are the key feature of Hetauda. It is already the headquarter of central region of Nepal. It is selected the capital of province 3 twice in history. Scholar also insist Hetauda to be the capital of Province 3.


It has all resources available to be the capital of province 3. But now a days, some leaders are telling, Hetauda is  aside of the province so it most transfer to Kaver. Nepal is now not central government so all people do not necessary to come capital for their daily work. Only the related person who are selected by the people to  make rules and regulations have to come only for some time. But discussion takes like it most be in center so that it would be easy for the people from different places who are going to sell and buy their fundamental needs like sugar, salt, oil etc. It is big confusion for us why some leaders are making these settled matter as a main issue and registered secretariat office to move capital of province from Hetauda to Kavre.

Try to listen

We have given our precious vote for the development of Nepal. Now NEPSE is down due to these settled matter. Where is the matter of development? . For this issue  Janasarokar Kendra Makawanpur(जनसरोकार केन्द्र मकवानपुर) insist to prove for other city for the capability by related person. Do not decided you yourself. Try to be thank full with wisdom too. Take advice of them why Hetauda or why not?

Now the proposal has already been registered at secretariat office. It is not good symbol for the development of Nepal. There is other place also who insisting capital for their city. like Dhankuta, Birjunj, Dang, Dadeldhura also demand capital for their province. Thy most rise revolution after this.  So in the beginning student of Makawanpur Multiple Campus and other business man  has started the protest rally against the proposal only for informing that they are doing wrong. This is the part 1 of the protest. We pray not compelled us to enter part 2.  short video of protest rally is in the video.


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